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Crime and Punishment

How were criminals punished 800 years ago and how do we know?


We have had an excellent start to our Crime and Punishment topic!


In today’s lesson we acted as the jury and listened whilst the Anglo-Saxons or the modern British people persuaded us that their punishment was the best solution to the crime. The jury worked together to come to a decision based on the severity of the case and how persuasive the group had been. Well done Squirrels for applying your understanding of the legal system in Anglo-Saxon Britain.




This page is waiting for our new learning about Crime and Punishment.


While you wait, why not think about these curious questions which we will explore this term:


  • How were criminals punished over 1000 years ago and how do we know?
  • What does the legend of Robin Hood tell us about Medieval justice?
  • Why did punishments become so bloody in the 18th Century?
  • Why did so much change happen during the 19th Century?
  • Has the way we catch and punish criminals improved since these times?


If you would like to find out more about this topic, why not visit one of the following websites: