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Determined explorers continued

All ready for our expedition

All ready for our expedition 1

The Kingfishers have worked so hard on their DT project of making a Pom Pom hat as part of our preparations for an expedition. In Science the children studied different materials and determined fleece would be the most appropriate for their hats because it would keep our heads warm. 


They then planned their design, joined the material using the running stitch and closed the whole at the top when attaching the Pom Pom.


Exploring measurement

Exploring measurement 1
Exploring measurement 2
Exploring measurement 3
Exploring measurement 4
Exploring measurement 5
Exploring measurement 6
Exploring measurement 7
The children have really enjoyed exploring measures of height and length. They used metre sticks and rulers to start to measure objects remembering they had to start from zero.

Athletes in the making

Athletes in the making 1
Athletes in the making 2
Athletes in the making 3
Athletes in the making 4
We have started Athletics in our indoor PE lesson and we started to look at balancing equipment. The Kingfishers started with eggs on spoons and they did really well. They managed to travel in straight lines and turn whilst balancing the egg.
In computing, the Kingfishers created code to start, move and stop their character. They started exploring code to move their character in different directions and successfully got him to travel in a rectangular shape.

Learn to aim, throw and catch

Learn to aim, throw and catch 1
Learn to aim, throw and catch 2
Learn to aim, throw and catch 3
In our outdoor PE we are focusing on throwing a pond catching this term. The children did so well aiming with a bean bag and throwing under arm. They quickly progressed to throwing and catching with a partner. When they were accurate they swapped their bean bag for a ball and continued to develop their throwing and catching. Fantastic progress was seen within one lesson.

Music masters!

Music masters! 1
Music masters! 2
Music masters! 3
Music masters! 4
The children were fantastic at appraising 'Shine' by Aswad today during their music lesson. They gave their opinions with full reasoning and then they explored using instruments to develop their class song zootime.