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Welcome to the Hedgehog Class from the amazing staff who will be working with your children.

Welcome to the Hedgehog Class from the amazing staff who will be working with your children. 1 A cartoon of the staff kindly gifted by a parent.

Welcome to The Hedgehog Class of 2019!


An exciting year lies ahead of you.


I am the class teacher for The Hedgehogs, Mrs Taylor, and I am brilliantly supported by my two fantastic assistants Mrs Young and Miss Sampson. We have worked together, in Reception, for over 10 years - following our philosophy of trying to make learning as fun and creative as we possibly can.


This term we are going to be concentrating on getting to know your children and starting to introduce them to their early Reading and Maths skills - building on the foundations starting in their pre-school settings.


Our days for getting changed for PE sessions are Thursdays and Fridays so please make sure that the children do not wear earrings on these days. 

Leaf Hedgehogs

Leaf Hedgehogs 1
Leaf Hedgehogs 2

12th September

After a lovely leaf hunt around the school grounds, the children used glue to attach their leaves to a hedgehog outline inorder to create some lovely artworks. They loved comparing and sharing their leaves and selecting a button to add an eye. Well done little Hedgehogs. 


Portraits 1
Portraits 2
Portraits 3

13th September

So that we can all get to know each other we have been exploring our faces and creating pictures of them. The children have loved using the iPads to create these vibrant pictures and enjoyed their time with an adult who helped them to create a painting of their face using the correct colours.

A Visit From A Real Hedgehog!

A Visit From A Real Hedgehog! 1 A very happy Gilbert the hedgehog

18th September

Today a real hedgehog came in to visit the children. The children listened closely to the hedgehog's owner about why he is a different colour to our garden hedgehogs, what he eats and how to care for him. Gilbert wandered around the classroom meeting all of the children and sat beautifully whilst the children asked lots of questions about him.

Tasting Apples

Tasting Apples 1
Tasting Apples 2

24th September

As part of our 'apple' topic the children have been tasting different varieties of apples and voting to show if they liked them or not. We had lots of discussions about respecting other people's opinions and how eating apples is a healthy choice. We also used our developing mathematical language to compare the number of votes in each column - saying where there was 'more' and 'less'.

Spice Painting

Spice Painting 1 A Reception child's spice painting.

26th September

The Reception children have loved exploring our spice flavoured paint this week. They had nutmeg, ginger, cumin, clove and cinnamon to explore. They spoke about their favourite smell, what it reminded them of and then used the paint to create an apple picture.

Magical Potions!

Magical Potions! 1
Magical Potions! 2
Magical Potions! 3

27th September

All week the children have been really excited to have a potion lab in the classroom. They have been trying to make magic potions in their choosing time previously so we created this lab to follow their interests. 

Dennis our Maths dragon has been setting challenges in the potion lab. Everyday the children have come to school in the rain. Dennis has introduced them to a new magic number and asked them to make a 'rain away potion' where the ingredients total that number. They have loved doing this - they decided how long the potions needed to bubble in the cauldron and also how to use it. Everyday, after the potion had been deployed the rain has stopped - we are really magical hedgehogs!