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The Class Teacher is Miss Anstey and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Maw. We are both very excited to start the new school year with our Kingfishers.


Our first theme is 'Ready, Steady, Grow!' and will be looking at the growth of a variety of plants. Our class is also responsible for the Harvest Festival and we are looking forward to sharing that with you. 


Indoor P.E will usually be on Tuesdays and Outdoor P.E will be on Fridays. Please ensure that P.E kits are in school on these days. Homework will be sent home every Monday and should be returned to school by Friday at the latest.


I look forward to keeping you update with the exciting things happening in our classroom. Follow me on Twitter @miss_anstey_wyb


Balancing 1
Balancing 2
Balancing 3
Balancing 4
Today the children practised using different body points to create a range of balances. They created a sequence from a 1 point balance to a 5 point balance showing create creativity in the way they moved their body.

Making pumpkin soup

Making pumpkin soup 1
Making pumpkin soup 2
Making pumpkin soup 3
Today the Kingfishers use death their DT skills to carefully and safely cut vegetables with a knife to prepare our soup. They focused on how to hold the knife carefully and support the vegetables to prevent them slipping away. They also tasted the final soup and discussed how they thought it tasted! 

The Big Morning Move

The Big Morning Move 1
The Big Morning Move 2

The Kingfishers enjoyed raising money for Children in Need today. They took part in Joe Wicks Big Morning Move as part of a sponsored event helping the school reach a fantastic amount of money. They all looked fantastic wearing their spotty sporty clothes. 

The Kingfishers loved challenging Pudsey to an exercise challenge when he visited our class.

Road Safety Day

Road Safety Day 1
Road Safety Day 2
The Kingfishers learnt how to cross a road safely with PCSO Neil today as well as learning about the importance of wearing a helmet. The children compared an egg to our precise heads and discussed what we could do to stay safe on our bikes. 

Watch that seed grow...

Watch that seed grow... 1
Watch that seed grow... 2
Watch that seed grow... 3
Watch that seed grow... 4
The Kingfishers thoroughly enjoyed watching a time lapse video of a runner bean growing and then using this as their stimulus for their dances. The children used a variety of poses and developed their choreography with different levels.

What can you discover?

What can you discover? 1
What can you discover? 2
What can you discover? 3
What can you discover? 4
Today the Kingfishers explored a box to discover our latest focus in our religious education. The children showed great curiosity as they examined the artefacts and they listened well to their peers as they explained the purpose of some of the objects. 

Book PenPals

Book PenPals 1
Book PenPals 2
The Kingfishers received their first item of post today. It was our first book recommendation from our author, Fiona Barker and they were all very excited to read 'Dracula Spectacular'.

Kingfishers visit Wyberton church

Kingfishers visit Wyberton church 1
Kingfishers visit Wyberton church 2
Kingfishers visit Wyberton church 3
The children visited Wyberton church to learn all about Harvest. They studied the process of turning wheat to bread, planted a bean to watch grow and enjoyed a lovely tale in the story telling boat.

Authors in the making...

Authors in the making... 1
Authors in the making... 2
Authors in the making... 3
Authors in the making... 4
After publishing their own books inspired by Jim Helmore, the children attends their own book signing where they read their favourite parts to the class. The effort and dedication to this process was fantastic!

Kingfishers parent event

Kingfishers parent event 1
Kingfishers parent event 2
Kingfishers parent event 3
Kingfishers parent event 4
Today was a lovely day. The children thoroughly enjoyed the vegetable printing as we created out own portraits using vegetables. Their work was inspired by Arcimboldo and they used the vegetables well to represent their features. It was also lovely to share all the homework projects and see the different inspirations behind the different plants.