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Suggested activities during school closure


As you are using the internet and different forms of technology more while you are at home, please remember all of our important Internet Safety work that we do in school. Please visit https://wyberton.gofederation.co.uk/e-safety/ or click on the link below to remind yourself of important e-safety tips before accessing these links and remember to be SMART - with a heart! Take a moment to remind yourselves to be kind and caring to everyone - whether in person or online! 


Hello Honey Bees. I hope you are all keeping well. I am missing you lots, but thank you for using the Contact Mrs Hodgson tab to keep in touch - it is great to hear from you and it makes me smile! Thank you for being stay at home stars - I'm very proud of you. 


There are no suggested activities for week commencing 25th May due to it being half-term, however there is a special bee related challenge for you! You will also notice that work for Term 6 Week 1 is on the website. There is no expectation for you to start this early, but the teacher's laptops have needed to be in school during half term. I will still be able to see your messages on my i-pad, so please keep sending them in!  

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Term 6: What stories can be told on a pot?

This term we are going to explore Ancient Greece and discover what life was like for people of Ancient Greece and the influences from this period of history in today’s world. Please continue to use our Video Resource Centre which you can get to by using this link:



Here you will find the spellings that you should know by the end of Year 4. You could create some games using them to help you learn them. 

Term 5: How Will You Explore Neverland?

This term we are going on an exciting adventure. If you have a copy of the book Peter Pan to read or can watch the film then please do because we are going on a magical adventure over the next few weeks to Neverland! This is a mysterious island that explorers have not documented before and this term, it is your job to do just that!

Each week there will be a new sub-page created that has suggested teaching and learning resources for you to explore if you wish. The activities are similar to what we would have been doing in school. I will also be uploading videos each week to help teach you some new things; these can be found in our Video Resource Centre which you can get to by using this link:


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Sun Safety Challenge

Sun Safety Challenge 1

Keeping Healthy and Well-being!

Try to do exercise. You could do one of the Yoga videos that we do in class or a Joe Wicks workout - or why not try to create your own work out. 




Our samba has been a great work-out also - so why not try to create a new groove or learning 'Knee Clap Click' in a new language for us all to learn when you are back.