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Welcome to Little Oaks Nursery.


This is a very exciting journey for you and your child as they grow and learn. To embrace the early learning of all children, activities are planned around their needs and interests. We believe in following their lead whilst moving their learning forward. The Nursery team working with your child is: Miss Allison Hardy, Miss Chelsea Gibbons and Miss Lucy Tebbs. Mrs Taylor who is the Reception teacher within the school is also the Foundation Stage Leader so is very much part of your child's journey within Nursery.


This term our focus is getting to know your child and each other. We have lots of exciting activities planned to get your child settled into their new environment and look forward to watching them grow.

Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I 1
Me, Myself and I 2
We have been so busy getting to know each other this term. We spent time looking in mirrors and comparing our features to our friends then we created our faces using paint.

Our Family

Our Family 1
During circle times we have been talking about who is in our family and the special people in our lives. We loved drawing our family and telling everybody why they are special to us.

That's my name!

That's my name! 1
The children have been recognising their names and practicing to write them. First we used our magic fingers to trace over the letters then we used a pen to trace the letters. We also had a go at writing our name independently.

Super Shapes

Super Shapes  1
Super Shapes  2
Super Shapes  3
Super Shapes  4
We have been exploring our environment for shapes and recognising these in our home environment. The children used different materials to create their own shapes and did excellent sorting.


Autumn  1
Autumn  2
Autumn  3
The children have noticed their outdoor environment has been changing. We have enjoyed our nature walks each day to collect natural objects which we can then use in our learning. 

Tractor Visit

Tractor Visit 1
Tractor Visit 2
Nursery had the pleasure of joining the Reception class to explore a real tractor. We used our listening ears to understand exactly what a tractor is used for and even got a chance to sit in it. We identified different shapes on the tractor and recreated our very own tractor remembering the shapes we had spotted.

What can you hear?

What can you hear? 1
What can you hear? 2
The children are always recognising sounds in their environment so we decided to take our clipboards and pencils on our walk today. The children listened carefully for a sound then represented this by drawing on their paper.

Shape Hunt

Shape Hunt 1
Shape Hunt 2
Shape Hunt 3
Shape Hunt 4

The children was very excited when their parents came in today for our 'Outdoor Shape Hunt'. Everyone had their own shape checklist which they used to tick off the shapes they found in the outdoor environment. Once all the shapes had been found the children took part in a variety of shape activities with their parents.