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Please take some time to visit our new Video Resource Centre where I will upload videos every week to help to support your learning at home.

A message for the week commencing Monday 25th May


Hello Squirrels,

This is a little message to you to say HAPPY HALF TERM! The week beginning 25th May is half term week so there will not be any work put up for this week.


You might also notice that the work for the week commencing 1st June has been added. This is because our teacher laptops are being updated during half term week so I have added it in advance for you. Of course there is no expectation for you to access any of this work until then! The videos for 1st June have also been added.


I can continue to receive messages from you all on my iPad, so please keep sending them in!


Miss Lineker

Are you trying to contact Miss Lineker?


Hello Squirrels, 


Our school laptops and emails servers are being updated over half term. If you message me, I might not receive it until June 1st when Ark have finished doing their jobs! Please don't think I am ignoring you! I will reply to your messages as soon as I am able to log in and see them!


Miss Lineker 

Contact Miss Lineker

Fill this in to ask Miss Lineker a question.

7/5/20 Letter to the Mini Police


11+ Update


Hello everyone, 


Hope you are all keeping safe and well! We have just received an update around 11+ testing that I would like to share with you. This letter below shall be posted to those of you who have registered for 11+ testing.


Dear Parents/Carers,

The current situation with COVID-19 is an upsetting and worrying time for everyone in the community. At Boston Grammar School, we are working through this unprecedented time, to ensure our ‘usual’ school business continues, to ease any anxieties amongst new parents/carers. We have been working closely with the Lincolnshire Grammar School Consortium and GLA, our 11+ provider, to ensure that the 11+ procedure for September 2021 entry has minimum disruption.

Our decision making must be guided by current government advice and so dates may still be subject to change. However, our current plans are outlined below.

Practice 11+ tests:
If schools are back and social distancing measures are such that we can go ahead with tests, we will do these as usual. However, if schools are still closed or social distancing measures means exams and tests are not possible, these will not go ahead. We are waiting to hear what the government decides regarding schools opening.

In the meantime, please use the free familiarisation materials available from GLA which can be found here: https://www.gl-assessment.co.uk/products/11plus-series-11-plus-practice-papers/11plus-familiarisation-materials/


Actual 11+ test dates
We have moved these to:
Friday/Saturday 18/19 September Verbal Reasoning
Friday/Saturday 25/26 September Non-Verbal Reasoning

These are one week later than originally published. This is to allow time to work with primary schools who carry out the tests on behalf of their local grammar schools.

Notification of 11+ results
Schools will receive these from GLA by 15 October 2020. This means parents/carers will still receive their results before they have to submit their preference forms to their home local authority.



Hello and Welcome to the Squirrel Class!


The Squirrels are taught by Miss Lineker and their Teaching Assistants are Mrs Pepperdine and Miss Sampson.


Our topic in Term 3 and 4 shall be all about the Amazon Rainforest. Our overarching question for this term shall be "How has human activity impacted upon the physical and human characteristics of the Amazon rainforest?" During this topic, we shall become geographers and learn about the human and physical characteristics of the rainforest as a biome, we shall travel in our lessons to South America and learn about the countries that the Amazon is a part of, we will delve deep in to the rainforest to learn about its layers and what lurks beneath the canopy of trees...

As Scientisits, we will be learning about the life cycles of animals and plants found within the rainforest. We shall study how all living things have seven life processes and learn more about the fascinating species of animals that survive in this tropical biome.


Keep popping back to see where our learning journey takes us...


Please ensure that P.E kits are in school every day, especially on Wednesday for gymnastics and Friday for Netball. In case of a change to the timetable, it would be helpful for all children to have their P.E. kit in school all week, if possible, with warmer clothes to wear in the winter months!


Homework this term is project based with spellings and times tables being set every week. I cannot wait to see what the Squirrels produce for their projects! I have already been hearing lots about their brilliant ideas! In Year Five, we encourage children to develop their independence skills. If they should have a problem with their homework, please remind them to come and speak to me about it. I will happily support them wherever I can!


Want to know more about our learning? Follow @RL_GreatOaks on Twitter to see what the Squirrel Class have been up to!