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World War Two: what impact did this have on Boston and the world?

Here is a sample of some of our propaganda posters. The children understood brilliantly what their role was and what an effective propaganda poster from WW2 would have looked like.



Year 6 are already gripped with our new class book - ‘Letters From The Lighthouse’ - just by exploring the front cover and blurb! They are making some excellent predictions and can’t wait to discover what happens to Olive!


We have also studied propaganda, exploring some of the famous World War Two posters which were circulated. We identified the purpose of the propaganda, including the target audience, and understood why they were used. Year 6 will then apply this understanding to create their own propaganda posters - keep an eye out for these on display!


Today's lesson explored the chronology of the outbreak of World War Two. After reading and conducting research, the children had a challenging task: match the dates with the events, before sequencing chronologically. This challenge took the children some time, but they carefully applied their research findings in order to complete it. Well done, Year 6! 


An excellent day back with Year 6 today. We launched our new topic by retrieving our knowledge from last term, using it to make comparisons to Chamberlain’s 1939 declaration of war speech in WW2. The children have already produced some brilliant work!




Here is our new display, ready for this term’s topic of World War Two: what impact did this have on Boston and the world?